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Along with Health-Care Reform, Premiums are Expected to Rise

Along with Health-Care Reform, Premiums are Expected to Rise

Medicine and stethoscope on hundred dollar bills.There are polls out there that show how much Americans know about health-care reform – which amounts to very little. However, employees are leaning towards one thing, and that is that the reform is going to increase their health-insurance premiums. They are also thinking that the quality of health-care insurance is going to decline throughout the years.

Employees were asked to complete a survey regarding how they felt about health-care reform and everything that goes with it. Each of the employees were between the ages of 22 and 69 and receive their health-care benefits through a union or employer.

Premium Expectations

According to this survey done through National Business Group on Health, more than 50 percent of the respondents think that their premiums for health insurance are going to rise over the next 12 months due to reform. They are expecting costs to rise, quality to decline and that they won’t be able to afford their employer’s insurance within three to five years. They also feel that the employer or union they are working with may not offer coverage in the future for their employees.

Understanding of the Reform

Only about 40 percent of these respondents knew information regarding health-care reform, while some knew more about the provisions that were being included with it. More than 65 percent of respondents were familiar with the mandate that you either have to have insurance or pay a tax fee. More than 60 percent knew that mid- to large-sized employers must offer benefits and insurance options to full-time employees. However, less than 40 percent knew about the health-insurance marketplace where you can find a wealth of companies and information regarding affordable insurance plans.

Employees Becoming More Confident

Respondents were also asked about how they felt about using the health-care exchange and purchasing health insurance on their own rather than through an employer. A little more than 25 percent of employees stated that they are not confident about shopping for health insurance on their own, while close to 50 percent stated that they are not confident about finding a plan that is as good as or equal to the one they currently have. More than 65 percent have never heard of the health-care exchange, but after they found out what it was, more than 50 percent stated that they would be interested in using it if their employer offered it to them. More than 65 percent stated that they would use the exchange to get coverage if it provided more affordable options.

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