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Buying Health Benefits: How the Small Compare to the Large

Buying Health Benefits: How the Small Compare to the Large

Small Business

Small Business Owners have options when it comes to employee insurance.

There is a lot of buying power throughout the small-business market if it is approached in the correct manner by insurance agents and consultants. These business owners provide a more unique outlook when it comes to how they make their decisions. They buy differently compared to some of the larger companies out there. There are four things that go into how a small business can make the decision on buying company health benefits. They are:

• A highly centralized buying process
• Emphasis on return on investment
Using a personal filter with business decisions
• Aversion to risk

Comparing the Two

Here are some examples of how smaller businesses buy health benefits compared to larger businesses:

Value of Relationships: Small businesses value their personal relationships with those that they work with. These relationships can be anyone from vendors to customers.
More Fluid Budgets:
Small businesses are more flexible when it comes to healthcare packages and budgets than larger companies are. They can shift certain things around much more easily than a large business would be able to.
Word of Mouth:
There is a lot of weight that goes into word of mouth when it comes to smaller-sized businesses. They want to know that everyone is going to be there for them when it comes to getting benefits and support, and are also more likely to ask for help.
A Simpler Buying Process:
The buying processes are less complex compared to those of larger businesses. Smaller businesses have more direct contact and have less people involved with the process so they can make a quick decision on their own.
More Budget-Focused:
Small businesses have tighter views of their budget compared to some of the bigger companies out there. They have a focus on growth while also increasing sales. They are also careful to not make wrong moves when they have worked hard to build their business up.

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