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New Rules for Flexible Spending Accounts

A new modification for flexible spending accounts was released at the end of October. Employers can now allow $500 in unused benefits to roll over into the next year. What are Flexible Spending Accounts? These types of accounts are sponsored through the employers and are funded 100 percent by the employee. Employees can use their […]

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What are the Dates for Avoiding the Mandated Penalty?

A lot of employees are wondering when to sign up for the new federal health-care plans in order to avoid any penalties related to the mandate. To answer this question – March 31, 2014. This corresponds with the deadline to sign up for coverage by the end of March, which is the last day of […]

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Buying Health Benefits: How the Small Compare to the Large

There is a lot of buying power throughout the small-business market if it is approached in the correct manner by insurance agents and consultants. These business owners provide a more unique outlook when it comes to how they make their decisions. They buy differently compared to some of the larger companies out there. There are […]

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Group or Individual Health Insurance – Which is More Affordable?

Individual health-insurance plans seem to be more affordable than group health-insurance plans. As we move into the new year, those individual health plans have to cover everyone that applies – regardless of health status – and subsidies are available for those that qualify. Even though all of these benefits exist, a lot of companies do […]

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Along with Health-Care Reform, Premiums are Expected to Rise

There are polls out there that show how much Americans know about health-care reform – which amounts to very little. However, employees are leaning towards one thing, and that is that the reform is going to increase their health-insurance premiums. They are also thinking that the quality of health-care insurance is going to decline throughout […]

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