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How Many Young Adults are Enrolling Through the Exchange?

How Many Young Adults are Enrolling Through the Exchange?

Group of young adults.

Group of students, which has insurance?

One of the biggest rumors out there is that not many young adults are planning to enroll in the health-insurance exchange. These young adults are essential components to the new exchange so they can balance the risks throughout the pool. It is said that a lot of these young people are not going to buy their insurance through the pool and will not use the coverage that they do have. This could be a problem when it comes to risk balance.

There are studies out there that say otherwise and show that young adults value their health insurance. More than one third state that they are going to purchase a plan through the exchange and another third say they are neutral and not sure. Only 10 percent say they are not going to go through the exchange plan.

The goal is for 2.7 million young adults between the ages of 19 to 29 to purchase their insurance through the exchange. There are around 16 million uninsured people in this bracket.

The Majority of Young Adults Want Health Insurance

Around 94 percent of young adults want to have health-insurance coverage and close to half of those state that they are going to use the exchange to get it. Only 4 percent of these individuals say they plan on paying the individual mandate penalty. The remaining percent already have insurance.

Biggest Reason to Not Get Insured

The main reason that a lot of Americans do not have insurance is the cost, regardless of the age of the person. The Affordable Care Act is working to bring the costs associated with insurance down to a more affordable rate. Subsidies are a major consideration for young people who are struggling to afford insurance. However, nothing is set in stone when it comes to health-insurance coverage and what is needed.

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