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Obamacare and the Opinions of the Public

The Affordable Care Act is now operational and the public has an opinion on it. The impact of this act is something that a lot of people are talking about and remains an object of debate Should Congress do something to change the law that was put into effect? A poll on how people feel […]

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Family Health Insurance – Questions and Answers

When it comes to finding the best family health insurance, you want to ensure that you understand everything that comes along with it. You want to cover everyone that is in your household and ensure that you do so the right way. Consider some of these questions and answers prior to searching for family health-insurance […]

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Obamacare Deadlines and More on Them

Obamacare has many deadlines for various aspects of the plan. Annual open enrollment, special open enrollment, payment due date and termination in coverage each have separate dates. Understanding more about each of these deadlines is important for all Americans when it comes to buying health insurance. January 10 Premium due date for the insurance coverage […]

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Premium Health-Insurance Plans with Zero Net Widely Available

Three years of putting together the new federal health-insurance exchange has now become a reality. With this comes the emergence of new trends. One of the biggest areas that was closely analyzed is new entrants in the healthcare marketplace and the plans that they are offering. Trends of the Exchanges • There are more than […]

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How to Protect Your Business From Obamacare Scams

Many people and small businesses are confused by Obamacare. More than 50 percent of small businesses are still confused about the mandate and more than 60 percent of them can’t explain the healthcare exchanges to their employees. Since there is a lot of confusion out there, scammers are trying to find out as much information […]

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Study Done to Reveal How Citizens Feel About New Health-Care Changes

Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act, is one of the most talked about and heated topics among the media. However, not a lot of people are asking Americans how they feel about this new change and how they feel it is going to impact them. An October Kaiser Health Tracking poll was conducted to see […]

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