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Owning a Small Business: Help with Hiring a Health-Insurance Professional

Research shows that small businesses that use a broker or agent to purchase health insurance obtain better pricing, understand the coverage that they chose and are happier with their choice in the long term. Health- care reform is changing the look of the benefits that employees get, and health-insurance brokers play an important role in […]

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How to Navigate Obamacare

A lot of states have a health-insurance exchange, but if you live in one of the states that do not, then you might be feeling a bit anxious about finding the coverage that you need. You want to ensure that you’re ready to take on the new Obamacare program. Tips for Shopping for Health Insurance […]

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Weight-Control Programs in Place to Cover the Costs of Obesity

Obesity is not a subject that a lot of people speak about in the open. It is a sensitive subject, but that does not mean that it is not happening throughout the world today. Obesity comes with many different diseases and problems, such as diabetes, but it also can affect the business as a whole […]

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Defined-Contribution Health Care Explained

Defined-contribution health care is becoming more popular, according to many experts and economists. This is the future of how certain employers are going to offer their health-care benefits. The trend is not exactly brand new, but it has been used more throughout the past few years. However, with the new advantages out there in the […]

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