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The Many Signs That You’re Free from Group Health Insurance

The Many Signs That You’re Free from Group Health Insurance

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Small business owner leaving group health insurance options.

Defined-contribution health benefits seem to be the future of insurances, but group health insurance seems to be a pit that a lot of people do not know how to get out of once they’ve fallen in. You should know that you’ve freed yourself from the group health insurance plan that you’re in when you see these signs happening.

  • When renewal time comes around, you’re not worried about choosing a different plan or having to find the right price that goes along with it.
  • You got a high five for being able to keep your health-insurance costs under control.
  • Your employees are able to use the knowledge you give them in order to get the most out of their health-insurance benefits.
  • You suddenly have more time to do other stuff on your to-do list, rather than worrying about adding benefits to the plan.
  • You’re able to go over your cost, liability and benefits in a quick summary without having to lock yourself in the office for an hour to figure it out.
  • Your health-benefits plan folder went from being six folders to one.
  • You do not have to worry about the one-size-fits-all plan not being able to cover all employees’ doctors and conditions.
  • There is no worry about having to call the insurance company and wait for hours; you will not need to call them at all.
  • Employees will want to take you out because their benefits package allows them to save more, not less.
  • Your employee speaks to you about a medical condition or pregnancy and you don’t worry about the cost effect it might have on the plan and business.
  • You’re saving more paper than ever at the office since employees can sign up online.
  • Someone is retiring early and you’re not worried about additional costs needed to cover them after retirement.

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